External & Internal Gear Pump

Why choose Gear Pump?

External gear pumps are a popular pumping principle and are often used as lubrication pumps in machine tools, in fluid
External & Internal Gear Pump 1power transfer units, and as oil pumps in engines. External gear pumps can come in single or double (two sets of gears) pump configurations with spur (shown), helical, and herringbone gears.



Internal gear pumps are exceptionally versatile.  While they are often used on thin liquids such as solvents External & Internal Gear Pump 2and fuel oil, they excel at efficiently pumping thick liquids such as asphalt, chocolate, and adhesives.  The useful viscosity range of an internal gear pump is from 1cPs to over 1,000,000cP.

In addition to their wide viscosity range, the pump has a wide temperature range as well, handling liquids up to 750F / 400C.  This is due to the single point of end clearance (the distance between the ends of the rotor gear teeth and the head of the pump).  This clearance is adjustable to accommodate high temperature, maximize efficiency for handling high viscosity liquids, and to accommodate for wear.


External Gear Pump Features:

Capacity  200 to 1800 lpm
Pressure  upto 250 bar
Viscosity  upto 30,000 cst
Temperature  upto 145 C
Applications Liquid transfer

Internal Gear Pump Features:

Capacity  upto 750 lpm
Pressure  15 kg per cm sqr
Viscosity  100,000 cst
Temperature  200 Deg. Cent.
Applications Liquid transfer.