Internal lobe pump

Why choose an Internal Lobe Pump?

Internal Lobe Pumps consist of a pump casing fitted with renewable liners to give them a long life against demanding Internal Lobe Pumpconditions. Internal Lobe Pumps are extremely proficient at pumping high viscosity liquids at low rotational speeds or low viscosity liquids at synchronous motor speeds, ensuring that the pockets created during the pump rotation are completely filled.


Internal Lobe Pumps operate very quietly and are run by computer generated profiles, allowing for seamless application use. Having been fitted with a replaceable liner and optional full flow relief valves, this pump offers an extremely long life, even when being used with highly abrasive cargo. The pump’s jacketed body also allows for steam, oil or electric heating where needed. With the inner and outer rotor shaft mounted eccentrically to one another and supported by bearing, this machine is capable of imparting reciprocation motion and so is smooth and elegant in it’s operation.