Mud pump

Why choose a Mud Pump?

Mud Pumps are primarily reciprocating plunger devices designed for circulation of drilling fluid down the drill string and back up the annulus. Our range of pumps are suitable for pumping muddy water, sewage, polluted liquids & solids and also in swimming pool. Manufactured using latest technology, these pumps are high performing, abrasion resistant, easy to install and have long service life.


    • Excellent quick automatic priming action without foot valve up to 8 mtrs.
    • Automatic air release during priming.
    • Back pull out design, so easy maintenance without disturbing pipe lines.mud pump
    • Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure less vibrations.
    • Easy inspection of impeller.
    • Large diameter solids handled up to 60 mm


      • Public utilities : For pumping muddy water, sewage, polluted liquids, solid and in swimming pool
      • Dewatering Basements, Trenches, Construction sites


    Brand IKKU
    Motor Horsepower 0.5 HP to 10 HP
    Motor Phase Single Phase / Double phase
    Pump Flow rate
    Max head
    Material of Construction Cast Iron, Stainless steel
    Price Starting from 10000