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This is specially developed Graphite lubricant bar ( approx. 30 x 5 x 1 cm / 200 gram) for the lubrication of Kiln Shell and Riding Rings in Rotary Kiln & Dryers available at very reasonable price of Rs. 420/- per BAR of approx. 200 grams and available in general in READY STOCK.

The old existing system of lubrication in kiln is spraying water base Graphite or applying Copper base grease manually. The working environment at kiln platform is very hot and uncomfortable. Proper application of lubricants in running Kiln is very difficult and also chances of un-even lubrication are more, as well as required creep may not be even all the times. The working hazard creates problematic situation for the workers who apply lubricant in the proper area. The un-even application of the film may even lead to higher wear and tear of costly equipment.

IKKUULUB – BLOCK is a very easy solution to overcome the problem of lubricant application and better lubrication effect on the Kiln Shell. It is easy to apply between Kiln Shell and Riding Rings. Approx 5 to 6 bars are inserted in one lubrication cycle and that can be applied in one revolution of the kiln. IKKUULUB – BLOCK starts melting at 60 degree C to 70 degree C and forms film of solid lubricants and lubricates for the longer period. Thus wear & tear of Kiln Shell is reduced due to better lubrication.

Advantages: –

• Specially developed for Rotary Kilns and Dryer’s lubrication.
• Can be applied in a very short time.
• Low cost of lubrication due to longer life.
• Higher equipment life due to less wear and tear.

Application Method: –

Before application of IKKUULUB – BLOCK check the creep of the each tyre. Apply IKKUULUB – BLOCK in up-hill side so while melting it evenly coats the surface during down hill. After 02 Hours of application of IKKUULUB – BLOCK, re-check the creep.

Initially apply 06 pieces alternate day for 04 to 05 times. Then after, 06 pieces are to be applied every week on each tyre. The condition of each tyre varies in temperature and mechanical conditions so regular check of creep will help in maintaining proper lubrication method. The re-lubrication period can be adjusted with the actual creep. Avoid excess lubrication.

Packing: – 50 bars in one box.


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