Self-priming Pump

Why choose a self-priming pump?

Self-Priming Pump are Ideal for use in different household, commercial and agricultural applications. These are specifically designed for low power consumption and to allow the pump to re-prime itself typically under lift conditions. They eliminate the need for foot valves, vacuum and ejector pumps, which get clogged during prolonged or remote operation.


  • Pumps will be normally available in CF-8m /CF-8 (Gun metal, Alloy-20) and also in other material as fee customer’s requirements.
  • Single /multistage pumps to handle crystal cleat liquids for high pressure duties.Self Priming Pump1
  • Very quick priming, no need of foot valves.
  • Very high suction capacity up to 8 meters without much noise
  • Pumps are available in monoblock and in bare type also with flameproof motor.
Capacity upto 25 lpm
Pressure 2.5 kg per cm sq
Temperature Upto 80 degree
Applications Clear liquids like diesel, petrol, lpg, dm water